Front Range Ski Club has taken a break from our normal routine to support those impacted by the Nepal earthquake.


Thank You to Our Sponsors

We want to thank our generous sponsors for contributing to this cause and for showing their commitment to helping the Village of Ghormu during this time.

Big Agnes Tents and Sleeping Bags
Donated 18 sleeping bags, 50 tarps, tent and jackets. Gave us the opportunity to buy 30 sleeping bags at cost
Linda Curzon & Noah Freed —Thank you for all of your work to make this happen!
Melanzana–130 winter hats
Marco & Magali Biland—All shipping & tracking logistics and use of Fed Ex account
Collections of Supplies & Sorting
Evergreen High School,
Evergreen Montessori,
Kent Denver
Gurung & Ghale Family
Suni & Kabita,
Marti & Cat Briggs,
Josh & Christy Doneff,
Kim Milner,
Riza & Kaylie Pykkonen,
Allie White,
Elsie & Marin Halvorsen,
Keelan Woodard & Alex Kim
Chris Davenport
Thanks for putting the word out!
$2,000—Troy & Michelle Johnson—Seattle
$1,500—William & Paige Alread—Evergreen
$1,000—Craig Ponzio—Evergreen
Neil & Jule Horan—Seattle
Sean & Dawn Horan—Seattle
The Staff of Loanbright—Evergreen
Emich Volkswagon—Denver
Karen & David Zucker—Evergreen
John Greene—Evergreen
David Wilson—Evergreen
Katie Christensen—Evergreen
Debra & James Rouse
$100-$200—All Evergreen unless noted
Kimberley Jordan
Kenneth Jones
Madeline Daley
Tomoko Borsa
Wendy Barber
James Bolt
Tara Saltzman
Joe Lauro
Eric & Jill Aafedt
Marti & Cat Briggs
Brenda Jansen
David Fanning
Co Sweeney Labortories
Barbara Hancock
Don Rainville
Ed & Kate Williams
Amy Dolci
Brian Lang & Megan Horan—Seattle
$99 and Under—All Evergreen
Dorothy Berning
Susan Roberts
Margaret Seymour
Julie Herber
Judith Trickel
Tracy Graham
Kim McFarland
Angie Wutff
Timothy Heublein
Jane Good
Jackie Gardner
Nancy Barish
Robin Knox
Lezlee Pardo
Lynn Peesel
Nora Ferrari-Monnet
Jackson Briggs
Caroline Briggs
Kim Hamilton
Clear Spring Business Analysis
Charlie Westfall
Stanley Welton
Chris Lafferty

Your Support is Making a Difference

We will provide a complete list of expense as soon as we receive our shipping bill. We spent $1,950 on thirty sleeping bags we bought at cost from Big Agnes. We are still seeking donations to help rebuild and send more tents and sleeping bags. Monsoon season starts May 30 and it will rain until August. The dirt road will not be accessible and it will take 5-6 hours to reach the village instead of 2-3 hours.

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