Lane Space, Fall 2014

Front Range Ski Club is excited to offer early season lane space beginning on November 1, 2014. We will accept tentative training reservations prior to November 1st, weather permitting.

Snow preparation will be of the highest quality possible. Lane space will be limited to five consecutive time slots daily.

Our slope is 1500ft long with a vertical drop of 660ft at an average pitch of 20 degrees. The lanes are serviced by a triple chair (4min 39sec turn- around)  ten athletes will be allowed on any given lane at any given time slot for a maximum of 20 athletes per lane.

Individual athletes or small teams may share lanes. The cost of the lane will be split amongst the athletes and teams involved in renting the lane. 

Time Slots



Giant Slalom $800
Slalom $650
Lift tickets $35 per athlete

with a maximum of 20 athletes per lane.

A certificate of insurance must be presented to Front Range Ski Club by October 1st, 2014. The following acceptable additional insured clause shall be shown verbatim on the face of the Certificate  of Insurance or Binder and, as a clause or an endorsement in the insurance policy. “It is understood and agreed that Front Range Ski Club, LLC and Pykkonen Capital, LLC is additional insured solely as respects liability arising from operations of the named insured.”

In addition the following 30 day clause is also mandatory and shall be shown in verbatim on the Certificate of Insurance as well as the insurance policy;

“It is understood and agreed that the coverage under this policy will not be changed or its provisions changed or deleted before thirty (30) days written notice to Front Range Ski Club, 6887 Timbers Drive Evergreen, CO. 80439

Front Range Ski Club, LLC and Pykkonen Capital, LLC shall be listed in the certificate holder box.

If these clauses are not on the Certificate of Insurance verbatim and are not in the insurance policy or on an endorsement as stated above, the team will not be issued allowed train. 

The amount of insurance required will be for no less than $1 million.

Reserve Lane Space