Our goal is to create the best alpine ski racing club in the World. A club that is comparable to none. We will work to optimize the use of a private mountain at 10,000 feet to our complete advantage. Ultimately we want our racers to be great all mountain skiers. We want to work not just on basic racing fundamentals, but also on stations that will teach our skiers quickness, how to ski in ruts, faster starts, ripping down the bumps, skiing through trees, jumping technique, moving with terrain, strength, edging, and balance. You can not compare ski racing to other sports because so many variables go into the workings of a competitive ski racer. It is a sport that allows a person to develop in situations loaded with adversity and pressure. Through even the simplest mishaps as fogged goggles or a broken buckle in the start house, missing a gate in a slalom course and having to hike back up through the gate, or struggling with your psyche between race runs develops an all around individual.

The work ethic of being outside in windy snow storms and pushing your body into angles you never thought possible speaks for a sport that teaches limits and how to go beyond them. Skiing is the feeling closest to flying. This sport brings people small, and big together. It is a sport you can start as early as age 2 and continue well into your 90′s. When your 12 years old you can train with kids that are 18 years old constantly learning from your peers. Even so the skills you attain on the mountain are more than angulation and carving race turns, they are skills that teach a person to excel in school and social interactions, and illuminate self discipline and strong work ethic. Like with all skills, becoming a great skier requires a commitment of time, patience and practice. With the development of the athletic skill set a parallel skill set of leadership and direction are assured. We will encourage our athletes to love learning, and progressing, as well as goal setting. And when our goals are to win Olympic Gold Medals, to make it into college on a scholarship or to walk away a better skier and a better person the Front Range Ski Club is designed to get you there. Such opportunities are available to you through our program but what’s more is being encouraged in the athletics of alpine ski racing.



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