Steven Nyman 

Formerly a slalom skier, he is now a speed specialist, competing mainly in downhill, super G, and combined. Nyman made his first World Cup podium in December 2006, placing third in a downhill at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Fifteen days later, he won his first World Cup race, a downhill in Val Gardena, Italy.

Skiing taught me independence, exploration, confidence, preparation, awareness, communication, respect….. I can go off! When you are skiing you are engulfed in the mountains, which are much more powerful than you, respect is key.  You have to be aware or your surroundings, where you are and what dangers are around you.  You have to make a plan or how you are going to approach or avoid those dangers.  You have to practice, practice, practice, to gain the confidence so you can approach those dangers.  The mountains are wild and there is so much terrain out there you have to learn to navigate and explore it. Once you get off the groomed run or blazed path you need to know where your going and how to get back.  The development of skiing fosters an independence within yourself because it is only you and the mountain. It is an individual sport and it help you grow as a person through all of these attributes I have mentioned.   I may seem like I am scaring you but I am not.  The most important thing you need to remember is to have fun!  The mountains bring so much joy and excitement to you.


Doug Lewis

Doug LewisBronze medalist in the downhill at the 1985 World Championships at Bormio. Analyst for alpine ski racing with Universal Sports, and also runs a children’s sports camp in Fayston, Vermont.

“From age eight when I had the dream of skiing in the Olympics, Ski Racing gave me a focus and inspired me to push my limits almost every day. By committing to reaching my goal of becoming the best ski racer I could, it made tough decisions easy. I had a plan. Those goals got me through some gnarly workouts, down days, and helped me come back from injury.


But in the end, I am able to look back and be proud of my dedication to the sport. And luckily, I STILL get to ski almost every day. I love it! Ski Fast!”



Martina Sailer Iron Woman, Lawyer

Ski racing taught me to how to set goals, work hard, win, lose and do it all over again. When I face a challenge in my professional career or in my personal life, like when I was about to embark on my first ironman triathlon competition and was feeling completely overwhelmed, I remember that I’ve trained my whole life for this – I am a ski racer and I can take on anything if I put my mind to it!

Patrik Jaerbyn

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.38.03 PM
World Cup Coach at the Front Range Ski Club.
2 World Championship Medals.
Set record for oldest man to score a podium finish at 39 years old.

Skiing has taught me about myself and how hard you can push yourself if you really want something ,I have seen the whole world and that is a privilege and I thank Skiracing for that,I am also thankful for the great friends I have today and tomorrow,they are truly great people,no one that I know is a bad person and they all have positive looks at life. You get to know your body,you get to know how to train your body and you get to learn how to take care of it,there is NO proffesional Sport in the world that have to better trained then Ski racers. I thank skiing for all of the above and I know that I am a good person and have values,believe and happiness and most of it is through Ski Racing,THANK YOU SKIING


Pam Warman

Former U.S. Ski Team Technician. The first woman ski technician ever to reach the ranks of World Cup service.

Through Ski Racing I was able to meet a community of people with a different Life outlook. Being outdoors is a choice that not many can take, I was lucky to meet the most adventurous men and women through Ski Racing. Ski Racing will teach young people how to play and how to be professional, how to respect nature and the importance of passing down to your children the most important of all loves, that one for mother nature. Our mountains are a playground where beautiful moments are born, if Racing is part of someone’s life then the true excitement of living in the present moment starts.

Jessamy Rae Bardin

Student CU Boulder

Ski racing taught my the power of dreaming. Through the celebrations and struggles of ski racing I learned how to fight the good fight in life and never stop dreaming, even after the race skis have been put up. I also learned the power of the mind through ski racing, and the infinite possibilities a person can open by strengthening the mind. Finally, I learned to appreciate nature all the way down to the fine individual crystals on a snowflake.

Chris Anthony

Chris AnthonyFormer Alaskan Extreme Skiing Champion, veteran of 9
World Extreme Skiing Championships and 22 Warren Miller Films

Skiing racing opened up so many doors for me I’m not sure to where to start to begin to explain its value in my life.  But what I can say is that it gave me a sense of value, work ethic, friends for life, an education, showed me the world and overall a sense I was part of something much bigger than me. Something I need to respect. It showed me the difference between right and wrong, humbled me yet gave me self esteem. Through competition I learned to endure, think and resolve as well a spatial awareness in the environment. It gave me bonds, physical awareness and again the most important thing a good company of people to be around.